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Television Newsroom Management Diversity Census

In the absence of any useful information, Bob Butler, while a board member of the National Association of Black Journalists, set out to research and report the true state of newsroom management diversity.


The result was the Television Newsroom Management Diversity Census. Many now depend on this report to determine the true health and viability of diversity within today’s newsrooms. The report is not only for the public and those who work in the industry, but also corporations and employers who are charged with assessing the realities of these circumstances.


The Census report was published in book form for the first time in 2011. It details the diversity of newsroom managers at 228 stations owned by 15 different media companies.

The 2012 Census studies the diversity of newsroom managers at 295 stations owned by 19 different companies. There are more than 700 such stations nationwide and the intent is to eventually document every television newsroom in the country.

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